Create space for your soul

Weaving moments of micro-self-care into your day brings pause and peace to your healing practice.

I know you’re putting everything you’ve got into helping your clients. WHAT are you doing each day to help yourself?

Right now, if you’re thinking….

“Each day?!? I barely get a chance to jot a quick note and run to the bathroom after a session, maybe scarf down a handful of almonds between clients – that’s on a good day! Then I’m off to pick up the kids, facilitate a workshop, throw dinner together, squeeze in a call…”

….then I’d love to introduce you to SoulSpace.

  • the SoulSpace Series with Jen Berlingo, MA, LPCC, ATR - SoulSpaceSeries.comImagine finding some breathing room throughout each day without throwing off your schedule.
  • Imagine discovering a way to clear your mind and revive your spirit in a few, short, simple steps.
  • Imagine mastering some simple rituals that unleash your creativity, sustain your energy, and center your soul. That you can practice anytime, anywhere, every day.

The SoulSpace Series is a super-accessible, easy, go-at-your-pace program that reacquaints you with your creative, compassionate, authentic, inner healer and weaves a practice of soulful, rhythmic, micro self-care rituals unobtrusively into your everyday.


Lara Otte - the SoulSpace Series with Jen Berlingo, MA, LPCC, ATR -“Jen has a rare ability to blend intuitive ways of working with a grounded knowledge of psychology and healing. The SoulSpace Series is wonderfully inspiring, community-building, and practical. I came away with beautiful additions to my self-care practices that will deepen my work and nourish me throughout the year.”
Lara G. Otte, PsyD – Clinical psychologist; Palo Alto, CA


Most helping professionals I know agree: We don’t have enough time, energy, or money to engage in a satisfying self-care routine.

  • We don’t always make it to yoga or even get a chance to pull out the mat.
  • We can’t invest in long, languid retreats on a regular basis (or ever!)
  • We love the idea of a creative outlet, but haven’t found the right one.
  • We intend to meditate every morning, but that damn snooze button!

“Think about how we can best support the most exhausted version of ourselves – and not count on an ideal version of ourselves to show up and save the day.”
Kelly McGonigal, The Willpower Instinct

The SoulSpace Series will introduce you to: SoulSpace Series
  • Small, easy things you can do to prevent burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma
  • Simple practices that fit organically into your day
  • Powerful self-care tools that you can draw on anytime, anywhere
  • Meaningful rituals that are truly helpful and aren’t loud, ridiculous, embarrassing, or crazy woo-woo
  • A wonderful, joyful way to take care of yourself without pressing your guilt, shame or self-indulgence buttons


Emily Duhaime - the SoulSpace Series with Jen Berlingo, MA, LPCC, ATR -“Jen has a skillful and innate gift of connecting people; a gatherer of kindred spirits. She is an open-hearted warrior; a true healer with the ability to find the sacred in everyday life. After completing the SoulSpace Series, I truly feel rebirthed in many ways.  I hadn’t realized how hungry I was for this type of soulful experiencing.  I feel inspired, connected, empowered and grateful.”
Emily Duhaime, MA, LPC, ATR – Transpersonal Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Art Therapist, Ceremony Facilitator; Denver, CO

Ready to add SoulSpace to your day?

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Loving care isn't only for your clients

I come from a long line of martyrs, which is to say, tremendously generous caregivers and hard-working achievers who take pride in not spending time, energy, money or sick days on themselves. The message that self-care is selfish is not just my story – it’s pervasive in our culture. “Must be nice”: the phrase we love to hate.the SoulSpace Series with Jen Berlingo, MA, LPCC, ATR -

I was fortunate that my own counseling education was rooted in self-inquiry. We began with our own mindfulness practices, with our own art-making. The loving care of the therapist-self was woven into each course. It’s training I don’t take for granted, because I wholeheartedly believe I could not sustain my work as a therapist without permissiveness around the practice of caring for myself as a healer.

Once I earned my Masters degree and began practicing, I noticed this type of permissiveness is not the norm in the training of helping professionals. I’ve since been passionate about supporting other healing arts practitioners in developing custom, sustainable self-care rituals in 1:1 psychotherapeutic work and in groups. Now, I’m inspired to reach a much, much wider community of helping professionals by facilitating this discovery for YOU online.

the SoulSpace Series with Jen Berlingo, MA, LPCC, ATR -

SoulSpace is for you

If you are a helping professional, YOU are your own most valuable instrument. the SoulSpace Series with Jen Berlingo, MA, LPCC, ATR - SoulSpaceSeries.comWhen you’re burnt out, distracted, or uninspired, you aren’t capable of being the most aligned and compassionate practitioner you can be. You need to lead with clear energy, quick creativity and deeply attuned connection. Only you can do the work you do just the way you do it. You make your own special magic that mends.

Self-care keeps that magic alight. It restores you, reignites you. It reminds you why you do what you do – it connects you back to your purpose. So you can continue to bring your spark to your clients.


Madalyn Edgerton“The SoulSpace Series deepened the way I incorporate self care into my personal and professional life. With the beautiful tools and techniques that Jen offers, I was able to create more space within me so that I could be more present for my clients. I highly recommend taking this course!”
Maddie Edgerton, MA, MFTi — Marriage & Family Therapist Intern; San Francisco Bay Area, CA. 


Add SoulSpace to your day

The SoulSpace Series is a simple, supportive, deeply soulful, refreshingly playful, 6-week online program to help you develop sustainable self-care rituals that recharge and nurture your therapist-self at various points throughout your daily routine – from first thing in the morning, throughout your day of supporting your clients, and tucking you in at night.

I will guide you, and a tribe of colleagues participating alongside you online, in developing your own plan to rejuvenate your therapist-self in ways that honestly, really, and truly (!!!) take just a moment. You’ll come away from the program with your own, go-to SoulSpace strategies you can use right away.


Here are some of the topics we’ll cover:
  • Week 1:  Honoring your inner healer – Get to know your healer-self & learn the benefits of micro-self-care (Think: sustainable, daily routine vs once-in-a-lifetime luxury retreat)
  • Week 2:  Morning rituals – Short & sweet practices to begin your day
  • Week 3:  Preparing for sessions – Survey your sanctuary, your self, your support circle
  • Week 4: During sessions – Secrets for not abandoning yourself while being of service to your clients
  • Week 5: Closing sessions & workdays – Methods to contain, cleanse, and center
  • Week 6: Cycles of self-care – How rhythms of ongoing self-care fit into your week, month, season, and year

Along the way, you’ll create an immeasurably valuable healer’s kit – your own collection of tools and techniques that instantly revive, restore and refresh you. You (yes, even the most exhausted version of you) can dip into them anytime, even in the small moment you have while opening the door for the next client to enter.


Andrea Schneider“The SoulSpace Series is an excellent way for helping professionals to practice what they preach. Jen gently guides participants with wonderful suggestions for self-care, including art interventions and journaling prompts, connecting with spirituality, purpose, and community. I highly recommend this series for all helping professionals to fill their cup. Nurturing the nurturer is essential, and SoulSpace is fantastic for that very purpose.”
Andrea Schneider, LCSW – Licensed Clinical Social Worker; San Dimas, CA


We therapists have big, raw, open hearts

We love being present for others, walking alongside them on their healing path. Self-care is an ethical imperative. It’s a survival tool for all healing professions. The SoulSpace Series will give you everything you need to add simple, soulful, restorative rituals to every day so you always have the energy to show up as the most present, grounded, attuned, and compassionate practitioner you can be.

Are you ready to breathe sacred space into your day? 

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Is this program for me?
This program is perfect for helping and healing professionals of any gender, at any level of their career, from graduate student/trainee through licensed professional. You may be a psychotherapist, psychologist, social worker, life coach, energy/body worker, or another type of healing arts practitioner whose day involves serving and supporting clients emotionally and spiritually. SoulSpace can be a wonderful recharge and realignment for those already in professional practice. If you are still in your graduate/certification training, I believe SoulSpace will be beneficial – not only for your practicum/internship work – but I know from my own experience that having support around the idea of daily micro-self-care as a baseline during my graduate training (even before my days consisted of seeing clients) is what enabled me to embark upon this vocation from a centered place. If you’re unsure if this is a good fit for you, drop me a note and we can figure it out together.


the SoulSpace Series with Jen Berlingo, MA, LPCC, ATR - SoulSpaceSeries.comHow does it work?

We’ll be using an incredibly easy, user-friendly web site platform — you’ll get the link when you register. If you can browse a web site, read an email and download an attachment, you’re all good! I’ve engaged in courses via this platform before, and I can say from experience that it’s super-simple, streamlined, and they provide amazing tech support should you experience any hiccups at all.

You’ll simply log into the course web site, and receive guidance around each week’s topic and activities within the forum. One day you might watch a brief video or listen to an audio visualization. Another day will invite you to download a play sheet with inspiring writing prompts. You will have the opportunity to share your experience and engage in rich and meaningful discussion with other participants. I’ll make new material available each week over the course of 6-weeks – no peeking ahead!


When does it start?

To find out when the 6-week experience begins again, stay tuned to catch the enrollment period by signing up to receive my newsletter. Don’t miss the early bird special during the first week of registration!


the SoulSpace Series with Jen Berlingo, MA, LPCC, ATR - SoulSpaceSeries.comHow much time do I need to devote?
The SoulSpace Series unfurls over 6 weeks, with 5 ‘lessons’ per week. (That means 30 fun, experiential, doable, self-care practices! If you do the math, you’ll realize what an awesome deal this is!) You can take each week at your own pace – whether you choose to do one lesson per day or dive into that week’s topic all in one sitting. Within these 6 weeks, you’ll probably spend roughly 60-90 minutes total (give or take – it’s truly up to you) spread out over each week.  Let me emphasize: this is fun, creative, personal learning and doing. You will not need to listen to droning voices while you fold laundry, or get up at 5am to write for 2 hours. This isn’t that sort of course. You can dip in and out and pick up easily when you’re ready. You’ll look forward to your SoulSpace moments!



Jac McNeil - the SoulSpace Series with Jen Berlingo, MA, LPCC, ATR -“The SoulSpace Series was more than an online course for me. It’s been a huge catalyst in me making myself a priority again. Before SoulSpace, my self-care was definitely at a low point, so the idea of learning easy to implement micro self-care rituals was a huge draw. SoulSpace helped me to lovingly take better care of myself, and now I feel like I’m walking my talk once again. Jen is a total natural at creating a safe, supportive and fun learning environment where we can become accountable to ourselves once again. Loved it!”
Jac McNeil MKin,. CPCC, PCC – Thought Partner & Coach for Women Entrepreneurs & Founder of BOSS of ME TEES; Nova Scotia, Canada


Take care of your soul

It’s the paint on your brush, the air in your instrument, the magic in your wand.

Join your tribe of fellow helpers and healers in the SoulSpace Series, and master the simple, soulful, self-care rituals that nourish your practice and your day.

I’m holding a space just for you! 

This experience will change the way you look at self-care, with sustainable practices that will transform your work and your life. Click the button below to be notified when the next cycle of the SoulSpace Series opens.

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The Nitty Gritty

Click on a question below to reveal its answer.

Do I need special materials?

You already have everything you need. (Seriously though, that’s one of my mantras.) There may be times when you are invited to gather a few special objects from your surroundings, either from your home, your yard, or while on a walk. If you have oracle cards or tarot cards, those will come in handy on one exercise, but they’re not required. You might choose to have a dedicated notebook or art journal with heavy, unlined paper for this course, but truly any paper you have will do. I’ll even provide lovely, printable journaling pages and play sheets you can download and print. Any writing/art materials you have on hand will do the trick, from your standard ball-point pen to a box of crayons to a tray of watercolor paints. It’s all about EASE and sustainability; come as you are and use materials you already love.

How much do I have to share about myself? And what about my privacy?

I know you care about your online privacy. As a psychotherapist, I do, too. The content within the SoulSpace Series online platform is closed (i.e.; not searchable via the wider Internet.) In this program, you’ll log into a private forum, viewable only to others in the course. There, you can share and comment enthusiastically with your tribe of other SoulSpace participants, either networking with others as yourself OR pick a nickname to stay anonymous, if that makes you feel more comfy. There will also be lots of chances to engage through social media, if that’s a part of your world. You get to decide.

What if I miss a few days or a week of the course?

That’s okay! Every Monday for 6 weeks, all five lessons or activities for the week ahead are revealed to you at once. If you’re away that week (or aren’t able to make some SoulSpace for any period of time during the course,) whenever you’re ready, you can go back to view and participate in the activities and discussions from previous weeks.

Will SoulSpace provide consultation or supervision?

The SoulSpace Series is simply a creative, soulful, experiential, community platform to inspire you to find ways to pepper your day with micro-self-care rituals. SoulSpace is not a place for clinical supervision, peer supervision, case consultation, or psychotherapy of any form. The forum is not intended to be used to get feedback on cases and clients.

Can I get continuing education credits (CEUs) for this program?

No, CEUs aren’t available for the SoulSpace Series at this time.

How do I pay for the SoulSpace Series?

During the open registration period prior to the course start date, when you click on one of those lovely, round “Sign me up” or “Register” buttons on this page, you will be taken into the web site for the course platform. There, you will be prompted to enroll and pay. Payments for this course will be made via PayPal. Paypal accepts any major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover,) as well as PayPal Credit and direct transfers from your bank account, if your PayPal is set up that way.

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

Once the course begins, there will not be any refunds given, simply because the unfolding content is revealed to you once the course is underway, and you can go back and revisit it anytime, at your own pace. If you pay, enroll, and then find (prior to its start date) that you cannot take the course, please contact me. I can help you transfer your enrollment to another helping professional friend of yours who may wish to join up in your place.

For that reason, it’s a good idea to read the program description carefully to determine if this is a good fit for you before you enroll. If you have reviewed everything carefully and are still unsure if this course is for you, send me a message, and I’ll help you figure out if it’s a good fit.

Is SoulSpace available to participants in any country?

Absolutely! Just note that the cost is in U.S. dollars, the ‘lessons’ will be in American English, and content will be unveiled every Monday morning, Pacific Time, as I am based in Northern California. Regardless, the SoulSpace tribe is a global one. Join us!


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